Alberto Huerta

List Yngrelisten
Alder / Age 30
Arbejdssted / Workplace Aalborg Universitet, RBG14
Uddannelse / Education Civilingeniør, By-, energi- og miljøplanlægning
Who am I?

I am a member of IDA since 2018. In 2016 I graduated from Aalborg  University as MSc Urban Energy and Environmental Planning. Since then, I have worked as a research assisstant at the Planning Department at Aalborg University, and now I am a Phd fellow. I support Yngrelisten’s core topics, and I’m particularly passionate about increasing the diversity amongst the politically elected in IDA in order to encourage a balance in the priorities from IDA so they also take into consideration the context of international members. 

Why am I a candidate?
I believe the presence of international candidates is crucial in order to send the message to all current and international members from IDA that your voice is also important.  
Why should you vote for me?

A vote for me is a vote for Yngrelisten, what is most important is supporting their core topics and giving Yngrelisten a strong voice in IDA. 

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