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1. IDA needs a stronger presence in the public debate, and needs to use that presence to effect political decisions on topics that require the expertise of engineers and natural scientists.


2. IDA should continue its collaboration with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC) in order to ensure that collective bargaining rounds will be completed in cooperation with other Danish trade unions for university graduates.


3. IDA should make efforts to attract international engineers and natural science graduates to Denmark.


4. IDA should exclusively be a trade union for engineers and graduates in natural sciences (MSc), and should therefore not admit members from short-cycle technical programmes.


5. IDA should work towards increasing the pay limit scheme for workers from non-EU countries who come to Denmark to work.


6. IDA should have a more visible presence as a trade union at workplaces.


7. IDA’s political system - with 65 members on the Board of Representatives and 12 political lists - is too large and complex and needs to be restructured.


8. IDA should prioritise social and union efforts outside of Denmark rather than concentrate on large-scale events in Copenhagen.


9. IDA should support local start-ups by granting funding to IDA members who would like to start their own company and become self-employed.